What it is

GoThere is a member created fan-site for the service There.com with the goal of acting as a portal for all your navigation and exploration needs. It was created and is maintained by Tablatronix.


How it works

At the heart of GoThere is a database I developed to store data about objects in there.
This database stores detailed information on zones and objects that is necessary for creating lists and maps for identifying and categorizing them. Much of this data has been gathered via custom applications that I have written or has been hand entered by me.



GoThere is automatically kept up to date.
It is not necessary to add or remove zones from GoThere or request they be added provided they are within the boundaries of the continents.

I have developed a system of surveying the Thereian planet that allows the sites database to be kept up to date via routine surveying methods.

GoThere is a team of volunteer members that make this process possible, you can see their names at the bottom of every page, for without them this service would not contain updated maps or info.

Surveys require that every square meter of land in There be visited by an avatar running my surveyor application. Any objects in the immediate vicinity are transmitted and entered into the database where they remain active for 14 days, after which they expire from the system. Provided that all objects are re-surveyed before 14 days time, they will remain on the site; pazs that no longer exist simply expire through attrition.

Although the basic operations are automated, surveying is hard work and requires a certain amount of dedication from surveyors to properly work.

Behind GoThere is a complex system of data analysis, statistics and distributed client-server communications as well as a group of dedicated volunteers who understand them.


Function Buttons

You will see some buttons throughout GoThere, these were made to be easily recognizable and perform standard functions.

The icons are as follows.
Map - Will open the mapper with that location and its surrounding area displayed.
Info - Will open a There Places webpage containing details on the location.
Teleport - Will teleport you to a location via an auto teleport script.
List - Will display a list of zones in a zone group or zone container such as neighborhoods or communities.


Status Icons

The status of some objects are represented with a single colored icon, these icons represent at-a-glance status such as reliability and age.

This is currently just a test and will soon change from simply age to a weighted reliability scoring system.
Age not applicable
Static 24/7 zone
Recently Surveyed
Surveyed within a week
Surveyed last week
Old, possibly unreliable


How you can help

Be a surveyor.

If you are interested in Surveying please apply to my GoThere group.

The GoThere group is for surveyors only.

ITS EASY TO SURVEY! You do not need any special skills.

Include in the group application your preferred survey method (below), this just helps me guage overall activity.

This is a volunteer position, you will not be compensated in any way. However your name will be credited on the gothere site.

Survey methods

Weekly or bi-weekly single surveys of your Neighborhood or community or landmarks.

Typically requires a minimuum of 10-30 minutes bi-monthly ( surveying can be done on your own time at your discretion ). Small surveying with minimal travel , mostly teleporting. Knowledge of bandwidth meter and zones preferred.

Typically requires a minimum of 60 minutes bi-monthly ( surveying can be done on your own time at your discretion ). Mass surveying ( full islands/large areas ). Auto surveying, hoverboat preferred, requires knowledge of showzones and requires intelligent traversal (stopping for high density,circling etc to ensure all zones are surveyed, full coverage etc. )

bboy quickbar v2.5 or higher.

If you know anyone thats not i this group that might be interested feel free to pass this on and ask them to join the group.

GoThere Surveyor Group

Applications must include intent to survey, blank applications will be denied.

Survey instructions will be provided in the GoThere group forums once you are accepted.


Additional Features

"You are here" maps

If you link to GoThere using the official entrance URL [ http://gothere.tablatronix.com ] within a theredoc or a sign, GoThere knows where you are and will automatically redirect from the homepage to the micro page and show a map with the location of the object you linked from, provided it is in the database.

So basicly, if you stick a scroll in your paz and stick this link in it [ http://gothere.tablatronix.com ] you can call it "You Are Here" and it will show a map of where they are when clicked.

This will only work for in world objects, not library or in inventory copies, and is also subject to surveying delays on newly placed signs/documents.

Custom themed map pages are available upon request for a fee.



GoThere automatically filters all pazs whos names contain the following words.
  • private
  • quest
  • hunt
  • secret
  • checkpoint
  • names ending in "::"
* Words are only filtered on word boundaries, meaning they must be encapsulated in spaces or begin or end the name.
** There are 2 special filter codes you can put into your paz name to allow temporary filtering or inclusion.

To force exclusion make your name end with "::" (2 colons without quotes)
This will cause GoThere to exclude your paz from all pages next time it is surveyed with the updated name.

To force inclusion, and override the above filter, make your name end with ":" (1 colon without quotes)
This will cause GoThere to include your paz even if it contains filter words, the next time it is surveyed.

Inclusion is in progress

"My special place ::" will prevent gothere from displaying your paz anywhere.
"The secret is revealed :" will cause gothere to ignore the "secret" word filter and display your paz always.

The capability of reversable filters and ease of use is a benefit for end users, however they are subject to surveying delays of typically 3-6 days for changes to take effect.


OPT OUT - coming soon

You can use the following form to have your PAZ removed from all results on GoThere.
You paz will be removed as soon as ownership is verified.

Opt Out Controls are not available yet. Coming soon.



The sites Live content is updated by volunteer members, the active of which you can see at the bottom of each page, A big thanks to all of you.