there fansite


What is GoThere?

GoThere is a member created and maintained fansite for the virtual world There. It provides metrically accurate geographical maps of all the zones and lands of Theria.

It contains all islands; Aorora, Caldera, Ootay, Nada, Cangrejo, Motu Motu, Malihini, New Kansas, Comet, Marooned and more.


  • Quickly Teleport to any zone or landmark in world
  • View Interactive Zone Maps
  • View Comprehensive Zone Lists
  • Automatic and Self-Guided Tours
  • Helpful links
  • Mini Modules designed for in-client viewing
  • Quickbar map integration, Advanced "Where-Am-I"
  • Helpful tools like distance measurement and cartography
  • Custom Maps and tools.


Use interactive maps to find new and exciting places to visit or assist in planning communities,zoning policies,races or explorations .

View funzones,landmarks,houses,neighborhoods,lots,pazs, and permission zones all overlaid with aerial photography and geographic data.

Mapper supports panning, zooming, heading rotation, altitude, and distance measuring


Comprehensive Place/Zone lists allow you to browse zones by category and quickly locate or gather data about specific zones.

View relevant data for funzones, landmarks, communities-houses, neighborhoods-lots, sky pazs, and permission zones. Dataset contains information such as doids, coordinates, names, and titles .

You can also link to theres info page for the zone or teleport directly to it.


Quickly teleport to any zone in there from a small selection list.

This functionality only works inside the there client at this time


You will see some icons throughout GoThere, these were made to be easily recognizable and perform standard functions.

The icons are as follows.

Map - Will open the mapper with that location and its surrounding area displayed.
Info - Will open a There Places webpage containing details on the location.
Teleport - Will teleport you to a location via an auto teleport script.
List - Will display a list of zones in a zone group or zone container such as neighborhoods or communities.