NameDescriptionloc (x,y,z)Age
AejejAejej towers high on the northern ridge of Dune Canyon: a servant of the desert winds.-919,3731,6000210
Artandi Cafe740,1817,6000000
Astrology PavilionWhat's your sign? Seek your fortune in the stars at the Astrology Pavilion. -23407,29996,5999921
Astrology PavilionWhat's your sign? Seek your fortune in the stars at the Astrology Pavillion.-23407,29996,5999921
Aurora IcebergsAurora's penguin polar playground!66601,-114760,5998574
Aurora Welcome CenterDiscover Aurora, There's fastest growing residential Island!72134,-122755,5998334
Bamboo TerraceCome get your ROCKS off in There's only 4x4 sports park. Peace!-14998,14280,6000000
Bay WatchtowerThe Duda Bay Watchtower stands guard at the entrance to beautiful Duda Bay.-5431,1626,6000161
Beacon ManorThe community of Beacon Manor lines the green hills leading south from the Hoverboard Park.3031,-2023,6000000
Big BoulderThe setting of Big Boulder provides quiet space for chatting or just sitting and enjoying the surroundings.-1465,-1122,6000275
BoardwalkTake a stroll down the boardwalk with someone special and catch a beautiful view of the island.7559,-6469,6000032
BoraBerry HillYou will find a grand view of Tiki Cove from the top of BoraBerry Hill.-621,-1322,6000328
BoracaiThe sprawling neighborhood of Boracai stretches along the south ridge of Lower Tiki Valley.2016,-3530,6000000
Burning Rock-7538,8034,6000000
Caldera OverlookCaldera Overlook's lovely view of the rolling island scenery earns its name.4394,1234,6000000
Campfire BeachThis twilit beach with its smoldering fires is the perfect place for storytelling and conversation.-3132,-3434,6000005
Candy Cane LaneA sweet spot in Frosty's winter wonderland.-106883,1968257,5667045
Cannery RowTeleport to Motu Motu and see the sights or rent a house.-14210,21693,5999950
Canyon TerraceThe homes of Canyon Terrace are sprinkled on a green hillside in Upper Tiki.3757,472,6000000
Cascades BarThis open-air bar near the Desert Cascades is perfect for chatting after a soak.-980,2621,6000029
Clear ViewWE'RE BACK!-8535,9526,6000000
Club ScionLooking for a cool place to hang with your friends? Check out the Scene at club Scion, where there are 3 levels to explore and have fun in.352,1544,6000007
Clucky's HideawayYou never know if Clucky will put in an appearance in this park.-10019,7386,6000000
Crab RockThis crouching crustacean guards a stretch of the Ootay Loop Road, its stone eyes endlessly watching the shore.5789,-6118,6000023
CrossroadsSouth point location for Aurora Highway.68322,-122953,5998446
Crystal GardensThe garden of green crystals growing from the dark landscape seem to have a radiant glow. Perhaps power can be found within?-231157,51579,5995431
Desert CascadesThis beautiful cascade of shimmering pools is a cool retreat from the Dune Canyon sun.-1005,2358,6000014
Desert Hot Tubs1154,4142,6000000
Desert RidgeBathed in the Dune Canyon sun, Desert Ridge clings to the rocky hills south of the Desert Cascades.-1954,1904,6000000
Desert WindsThe homes of Desert Winds sit high on a sunlit spur of NeNe Volcano, just south of Dune Canyon.-1362,1967,6000000
Duda BeachA sunny, sandy beach at the mouth of dramatic Dune Canyon, with hot destinations in all directions.-3940,2499,6000042
Duda PointIn addition to stunning views, homes here have the advantage of being near the Duda Point FunZone.-4951,2381,6000000
Dust Devil-9319,8060,6000000
Eagle's BluffThis sundrenched desert neighborhood is perched on the cliffs above Durrett's Canyon.2477,2210,6000000
EgyptStep back in time and explore an ancient, lamplit Egyptian tomb.22242,21987,6000007
Enoki HollowAn accident of land and climate created this misty green hollow and its surprising flora.7996,-6076,6000083
Fallen PAZWhat happened that fateful day when this PAZ came falling from the sky?6729,-5923,6000081
Fisher IslandGreet a new member or change your look at one of our spas.-617,-4698,6000001
Golden Sands-9419,10148,6000000
Grass Valley-11572,11708,6000000
Hoverboard ParkPractice your skills with your board and try to become a legendary hoverboard rider.2582,-380,6000193
IncognitoIncognito is a sprawling beachside neighborhood full of sun, sand, and friendly neighbors.8660,-4764,6000138
Island Retreat-15500,11194,6000000
Island Tours EastHidden in a ficus forest is one of our tour headquarters, where you can connect with a friendly guide.4529,-510,6000164
Island Tours SouthIn a meadow by the ocean you can connect with one of our knowledgeable tour guides.4212,-2068,6000164
Jungle PoolsHidden in a towering grove, this lovely waterfall setting is green and serene.-2978,-1965,6000168
Kantana PointThis sweet, seaside village is storybook pretty; it even boasts its own lighthouse.-1138,-3900,6000378
Karuna PlazaLooking for a total transformation? Change your look, body, and wardrobe at our luxury spas and shops.-1917,1015,6000039
KonakaiThis green and lovely ridge above Tiki Cove is lined with airy tropical homes.-2128,-2400,6000000
Konakai KeikiPerched above Tiki Cove near Konakai, this restful little spot is pretty as a picture.-1948,-2091,6000311
Limerick RockLimerick Rock provides a breathtaking view of Aurora's lavender fields.72437,-122862,5998499
Lone PalmLone Palm boasts a sweeping view of Lower Tiki Valley.3235,-413,6000292
Lost CampWho pitched these tents? Who was here? Wander, and wonder.-85,3279,6000006
Lost LighthouseA relic from the island's past, the Lost Lighthouse stands forlornly on Ootay's southern shore.5558,-7067,6000020
Lost TempleOnce lost and now found; what does this ancient temple hold and can we find the answers inside?-3407,285,6000257
MaidenflightThe site of a long-ago plane crash, this misty village is home to the Bali Hai Bar and the Aerolounge.7215,-5749,6000022
MirageHidden in the entrance to a mountain pass, this windblown hideaway is right out of 1,001 Nights.-2738,3038,6000002
Mirage HeightsHigh in the arid hills between Dune Canyon and the Monkey Crater are the homes of Mirage Heights.-2688,2461,6000000
MiramarThe community of Miramar lies just east of Dune Canyon near the Tiki Stage, in Upper Tiki.3171,2763,6000000
Mogul Mounds-1238,3313,6000005
Monsoon Crossing-15417,13654,6000000
Mosquito MesaEvery racer's dream. Out here, there are no limits.-12136,13415,6000000
Motu RidgeA beautiful view of the Motu Islands-16459,27905,6000339
NeNe VistaShaded by tall palms, the homes of NeNe Vista are near the eastern slopes of NeNe Volcano.1174,-242,6000000
NeNe's PeakFrom this spot on the towering rim of NeNe Volcano you can see nearly all of Caldera Island.-335,799,6000893
North Road OverlookFrom this spot above the main Cangrejo Island road, look south toward the grasslands and desert.-13092,14750,6000288
Paiz IslandGreet a new member or change your look at one of our spas.606,-4723,6000001
Palm RidgePalm Ridge rises high above Tiki Valley, just west of Island Tours East.5048,-761,6000000
ParadiseParadise is a green valley filled with gracious tropical homes.6214,-6545,6000023
Peninsula ViewThis pretty group of homes perches on the hillside in central Tiki Cove.69,-2127,6000000
Portazone City CraterThis is where it all began, the first PAZ community in There.-15169,23534,6000737
Rainforest Plateau-10379,12257,6000000
RogueThe closely-knit community of Rogue is nestled on the beach below Sutter's Camp.6616,-3717,6000204
SajaHoverpacks are the best way to explore this sky-high spot. Hop between floating islands nestled in the clouds.-151819,151742,5997500
Sentinel RidgeIn this high spot overlooking Nada Island, you can find the silent sentinels after whom this ridge is named. Why are they here? What is their purpose?8293,-6930,6000263
SiroccoIn this rough desert outpost, they play hard and take no prisoners!434,3080,6000007
Sirocco HeightsThis sunny Dune Canyon community is high above the dusty camp of Sirocco.1523,3259,6000000
South Road OverlookFrom this high ridge in the southern desert region of Cangrejo, you have a grand view of the entire island.-8020,7172,6000155
Spice SlopeFevers rise at this park, as you become the hottest host around.-13295,17163,6000000
Spiral Grotto-903,-1001,6000000
Star GardenAn garden of giant Monkey Stars flourishes in this eerie and contemplative spot.-3660,-1428,6000099
Sutter's CampThe Inferno Room and the Explorer's Lounge are gathering places in this rugged hilltop outpost.5779,-4423,6000622
TabuRumor has it the village may be haunted. Visit its dark ruins and decide for yourself.683,-1238,6000007
Tabu MeadowClose to the dark village of Tabu, this misty neighborhood is perfect for those with a bit of a dark side.293,-1512,6000000
Terrace HeightsTerrace Heights is named after the broad green terraces on which its homes are built.-2358,-3149,6000000
The AtollStudy this bit of land closely, and you will see why it is THE Atoll.7340,-8425,6000198
The BoneyardMoonlit and eerily magnificent, the Boneyard is a destination of wonder.-229182,51941,5995508
The CoilThis odd formation in the Monkey Crater stands silent and unexplained.-2538,-638,6000098
The Gathering TreeA serene place to meet your friends.-25571,28538,5999936
Three Small Funzones-12583,11580,6000000
Tiki BeachThis row of homes on sunny, sandy Tiki Beach is near the Ventrella Cafe and the Tiki Beach FunZone.577,-2456,6000000
Tiki Cove-1330,-2096,6000006
Tiki Cove PlazaNestled on a tropical shore, these bright shops and airy spas are the perfect place to try a new look.-1333,-2090,6000006
Tiki DogCome grab a hot link at our one and only Tiki Dog stand.5933,-6309,6000024
Tiki PikiThis charming little spot offers plenty of photo opportunities.-1608,-2590,6000009
Top of the ValleyNorth point location for Aurora Highway.61651,-109141,5998749
Top Of The World-14018,16224,6000000
Tropical AdventuresA fun place for your event or show.10597,-9307,5999988
Twin BridgesBetween the fabled Dune Canyon bridges is the bright desert neighborhood of Twin Bridges.1882,1236,6000000
Twin LakesExplore Kansas from this beautiful lakeside respite.-66522,-111440,5998639
Tyr Tower GatePass through the crackling energy of the Gate and marvel at the dark grandeur of Tyr's central tower.-230143,50338,5995553
Umeke AinaPicture yourself at this quaint little spot near the Hoverboard Park.1761,-755,6000275
Ventrella CafeThis beachside cafe is tucked among airy palms near Tiki Cove. Grab a drink and enjoy the surroundings!1623,-2103,6000009
Vista PointEnjoy the view and climb Comet's snow-capped mountain peak.-178263,-84464,5997207
Windmill FlatsAlong the northern ridge of Dune Canyon, west of Aejej, march the homes of Windmill Flats.-1857,3548,6000000
ZephyrSet in a dramatic desert setting, this colorful shopping arcade has shops, spas, and more.-294,1649,6000004
Zona IslandGreet a new member or change your look at one of our spas.4898,-2593,6000001