nametitledescriptionregiondoidloc (x,y,z)Age
Aero LoungeAero LoungeRead the rules and do not abuse them to host here!Maidenflight,Aero Lounge107004967459,-5876,6000041
Alex's Arctic ArenaHost an Event!Alex's Arctic ArenaFrosty,Alex's Arctic Arena10718014-103508,1971575,5665893
Ash FieldHost an Event!Places to hang out and chat, Dog-dome, vehicles when availableCangrejo, North,Ash Field10714655-13529,15058,6000284
Bali HaiBali HaiThrow a Party, Hold a Meeting or Just Relax in this Bar!Maidenflight,Bali Hai107008327196,-5810,6000021
Banded RockHost an Event!Dry winds and rocky terrain make for a fun paintball game.Cangrejo, South,Banded Rock10714490-8371,7653,6000152
Blue BowlHost an Event!for saleHoverboard Park,Blue Bowl107052072478,-542,6000192
Blue CoveHost an Event!Welcome to my funzone. The only rule here is that YOU have fun!Cangrejo, North,Blue Cove10714686-13663,14521,6000221
Blue VistaHost an Event!Sentinel Paintball Zone - Always There And ReadyCangrejo, South,Blue Vista10714484-9302,8867,6000072
Boulder TerraceHost an Event!AcesX Is Hecka Fly<3Cangrejo, Central,Boulder Terrace10714769-11217,12916,6000140
Buggy ArenaDune Valley RacewayStir up the dust!Dune Valley,Buggy Arena10701501-219,2741,6000004
Burning RockHost an Event!'There' home of the Terran ConsulateCangrejo, South,Burning Rock10714946-7538,8036,6000308
Caldera ViewCaldera View (track times for this zone)Cangrejo, South,Caldera View10714551-9561,6635,6000022
Chasm StageCandy's Fashion StageOpen hosting. Please be kind.Sutter's Camp,Chasm Stage107090595660,-3393,6000024
Chaz's ChasmHost an Event!At the stroke of midnight came Destiny rising.Tyr,Chaz's Chasm10723468-229229,53469,5995406
Compass HillHost an Event!Relax in a tropical tub. Invite a friend or two to heat it up!Sutter's Camp,Compass Hill107091214860,-3938,6000216
Coral BeachHost an Event!Welcome to an Oasis in the middle of the Desert.Cangrejo, South,Coral Beach10714884-10607,7330,6000020
Dante's CircleHost an Event!A Land of Ever Changing Adventures. Host Yours Here.Cangrejo, South,Dante's Circle10714514-9098,7443,6000152
Diamond SandsHost an Event!Open hosting for any eventCangrejo, Central,Diamond Sands10714828-12396,11493,6000294
Dorsett TheatreWatch a Video!Watch your favorite flicks in this cozy setting.The Atoll,Dorsett Theatre107117917512,-8313,6000025
Dry WindDry WindHave a record? send a picture to: drywindtimes@yahoo.comCangrejo, South,Dry Wind10714146-8549,8952,6000150
Duda PointThe Mohawks<><> BIKERS HAVEN <><>Mirage,Duda Point10713390-4458,2855,6000284
Dust DevilZMW RacewayBuggies or Scions only depending on the event or setup.Cangrejo, South,Dust Devil10714117-9322,8069,6000073
Ebony RockHost an Event!(8 Tables) Spades, Hearts, Gin & T/Hunt events held here.Cangrejo, North,Ebony Rock10714955-15544,15190,6000279
Emerald TerraceHost an Event!Cartier's Activities CrossroadCangrejo, North,Emerald Terrace10714980-16208,14410,6000046
Engee SkywayEngee Skyway RacewayRev your engines at Saja's Engee Skyway.Saja,Engee Skyway Raceway10701885-150366,151133,5997508
Explorer's Clubyankeerose's paradiseIM ForSheetzNGigglz for a table change - Hearts Spades or GinSutter's Camp,Explorer's Club107101535817,-4386,6000653
Explorer's RockHost an Event!COME N OWN OR BE OWNED AT FUN N FROLIC PB ARENA! if u dare!Cangrejo, North,Explorer's Rock10714705-13933,13623,6000131
Fern PeakHost an Event!Read the rules and sign your name to the Kilroy to host here!Cangrejo, Central,Fern Peak10715023-9011,11563,6000300
GeckoHost an Event!TW_tugs buggy sales the zone is for sale 2 Cangrejo, South,Gecko10714870-8453,10602,6000148
Golden SandsHost an Event!TRWC Lap challenges and Tournament of Times.Cangrejo, South,Golden Sands10714281-9428,10149,6000005
Grass ValleyHost an Event!Be respectful of others trying to lap. Thanks.Cangrejo, Central,Grass Valley10714276-11586,11716,6000141
Hidden SpringHost an Event!Rules:Events 2 hours, remove scrolls, no zones near it. No signsCangrejo, South,Hidden Spring10714915-7922,7052,6000155
Inferno Barsamsyn' fun zoneDance or lounge around the glowing red hues of this bar.Sutter's Camp,Inferno Bar107094835793,-4147,6000519
Inlet WatchOkalnix's Preview zoneRead the rules and sign your name to the Kilroy to host here!Cangrejo, Central,Inlet Watch10714410-9447,10960,6000069
Island RetreatHost an Event!Open to all!Cangrejo - Small Island,Island Retreat10715043-15502,11192,6000288
Island ViewZARs RacewayOwned by Zip and Racesmart - Lapping and Racing Events !Cangrejo - Small Island,Island View10714234-14324,11176,6000058
Jungle SlopeUnder ConstructionArt of HostingCangrejo, North,Jungle Slope10714634-12685,15572,6000531
Koeppel CinemaWatch a Video!Watch your favorite flicks in this cozy setting.The Atoll,Koeppel Cinema107118077339,-8588,6000038
Lava FlatsHost an Event!Kristal's Gym. Free membership. Visit the desk to get startedCangrejo, North,Lava Flats10714197-14316,14908,6000283
LavenderHost an Event!Hop On InnCangrejo, Central,Lavender10715016-12540,11852,6000355
Leaning Palm420 SpeedwayHome of the ZAGZ Killer Spirits Owned by Zip and RacesmartCangrejo - Small Island,Leaning Palm10714358-14928,11065,6000225
Lesser TumaHost an Event!For Friends To Shoot The Hell Out Of Each Other lolMonkey Ruins,Lesser Tuma10705273-2470,-354,6000097
Light LanesLight LanesRace at the speed of light in Saja.Saja,Light Lanes10701870-151765,152702,5997536
Mackie's Moonlit MotorwayHost an Event!welcome!Tyr,Mackie's Moonlit Motorway10702551-231671,52050,5995429
Maidenflight OverlookHost an Event!Welcome! If you would like to host an event just email me! :?)Maidenflight,Maidenflight Overlook107091527683,-5537,6000135
Maidenflight StageHost an Event!Great to bring your friends to dance, banter, email me, or "IM"Maidenflight,Maidenflight Stage107008207167,-5631,6000021
Manoa StageHost an Event!Steele StageKantana,Manoa Stage107056532510,164,6000170
Manoa's ToeHost an Event!coming soon brought to you by The Guild of Free GreetersKantana,Manoa's Toe10713029947,-4029,6000286
Meridian PeakHost an Event!Welcome Come in to skill in Doggie and Social/Cangrejo, Central,Meridian Peak10714856-10210,13629,6000423
MesaMesaIf you want to host here read the rules and sign Kilroy pleaseSutter's Camp,Mesa107091647719,-5106,6000078
Misty RidgeHost an Event!OPEN WEEKENDS& CLUB EVENTSCangrejo, North,Misty Ridge10714969-13317,15887,6000412
Mogul Moundsastrill and louloubells fun zoneboards only and also home of ((Nasti Designs by Astrill))Mirage,Mogul Mounds10701457-1245,3316,6000004
Monsoon CrossingHost an Event!Let the good times roll with good friends!!!Cangrejo, North,Monsoon Crossing10722631-15429,13657,6000128
Moss KnollHost an Event!Free tacos at PiNki's PlayHoUsECangrejo, North,Moss Knoll10715002-14507,12911,6000287
Mura KamiHost an Event!Contact Superbear2 to book your free event.Monkey Ruins,Mura Kami10705249-3638,-555,6000028
NeNe's CauldronHost an Event!Welcome To The ThunderDome ...... Bikes Only Please :)Monkey Ruins,NeNe's Cauldron10705079-658,604,6000585
NeNe's WakeHost an Event!Closed for Ren Fest Quest Setup. Reopen 1-27Monkey Ruins,NeNe's Wake10705138-2209,-1241,6000255
Ootay Beach StageHost an Event!All are welcome at Ootay Beach Stage!Soul Mates,Ootay Beach Stage107003835511,-5688,6000022
Orion's PerchHost an Event!A great place to perch, for a blasting round of paintball.Cangrejo, Central,Orion's Perch10714724-11357,14320,6000292
Palm GroveFazzleRock RacewayWhere friends meet and new friends are made!Maidenflight,Palm Grove107004035856,-5187,6000019
Passage BeachCross Country Racing Home (CCR)No matter where you go.....THERE you are!!Cangrejo, Central,Passage Beach10714822-12882,11157,6000010
Pinnacle HillHost an Event!Read the rules & sign your name to the Kilroy to host here!Sutter's Camp,Pinnacle Hill107090697749,-4403,6000079
Pocket's Paintball ParkHost an Event!OPERATOR: Gypssyflower Tyr,Pocket's Paintball Park10723443-230284,53226,5995449
Pod PontiusHillBiLLYvArMeNt's fun zone BUGGYS ONLY Have funSaja,HillBiLLYvArMeNt's fun zone 10701878-152065,151329,5997234
Rainforest PlateauParty in the ParkRead the rules and sign your name to the Kilroy to host here!Cangrejo, Central,Rainforest Plateau10714320-10391,12246,6000142
Red Bowlroonster's fun zoneSharpen your board skills at the Red Bowl today.Hoverboard Park,Red Bowl107051822659,-202,6000191
Samsyn SpeedwayHost an Event!Read the rules & sign your name to the Kilroy to host here!Frosty,Samsyn Speedway10717963-107499,1968684,5666868
ScrutinyHost an Event!Great for any eventCangrejo, Central,Scrutiny10714775-9492,12606,6000143
SeaviewovniToday's Track: Sage BOARDZ ONLY PLEAZEMaidenflight,Seaview107009098096,-5730,6000199
Shoot Ball CourtStonekiller's fun zoneRENT THIS FUN ZONE globalcommandcenter03@yahoo.comTabu,Shoot Ball Court107050983782,-1045,6000163
Skippy's PlayhouseWatch a Video!Watch your favorite flicks in this cozy setting.The Atoll,Skippy's Playhouse107118137207,-8361,6000039
SleepyK RacewaySleepyK Funzone"Jump the hole" at SleepyK Raceway!Comet,SleepyK Raceway10717899-190841,-88899,5996337
Sonblock SpeedwayFriendsHangoutsThrill to the chill of this Frosty racing zone.Frosty,Sonblock Speedway10718057-104704,1970240,5666369
South RidgeHost an Event!...and we are only players.Cangrejo, South,South Ridge10714903-8916,6773,6000307
Spiritus SpeedwayHost an Event!Buggy Zone For Buggys Only BUGGY BUGGY BUGGY BUGGYFrosty,Spiritus Speedway10717983-105580,1967948,5667170
Sutter's ButteHost an Event!Enter at your own risk!!Sutter's Camp,Sutter's Butte107091076115,-3499,6000286
Sutter's Camp StageHost an Event!Sutter's Camp Stage is a great place to host an event.Sutter's Camp,Sutter's Camp Stage107094475974,-4242,6000578
Sutter's PlateauJND RacewayRead the rules and sign your name to the Kilroy to host here!Sutter's Camp,Sutter's Plateau107090387291,-4714,6000079
TemplarHost an Event!Host an evening gala by the glow of candlelight.Tyr Tower,Templar10702660-230075,50598,5995518
The CanneryThe CanneryHosting open to ALL! (1st Read Rules) Then Have FUN!Motu Motu, Southern,The Cannery10721322-14025,21837,5999947
Thunder BeachHost an Event!Shadowland International SpeedwayCangrejo, South,Thunder Beach10714341-10764,8387,6000018
Tiki StageHost an Event!Formerly "Just Crazy Talk" stage, hosted by Mackie and EvanK!Sirocco,Tiki Stage107133853778,2239,6000162
Tiki Valley Beachdanby's fun zoneBUGGY ONLYKantana,Tiki Valley Beach10713049-582,-2359,6000002
Top of the WorldHost an Event!True Home of the Hoverboards.Cangrejo, North,Top of the World10714612-14015,16220,6000460
Trade WindsHost an Event!Welcome!Cangrejo, Central,Trade Winds10714843-11255,10835,6000233
TranquilGNOME WHINERYThe gnomes are back - welcome!Cangrejo - Small Island,Tranquil10714802-14597,11607,6000057
Tropical AdventuresTropical Adventures TheaterA fun place for your event or show.Kiani,Tropical Adventures Theater10701645
Tropical AdventuresTree Frog ParkA fun place for your event or show.Kiani,Tree Frog Park10701650
Tropical AdventuresTropical AdventuresThrills and fun for the whole family.Kiani,Tropical Adventures10708286
Tuma GaraHost an Event!Open Hosting for now. Monkey Ruins,Tuma Gara10705157-4935,-22,6000255
Tuma GrandusHost an Event!Grand paintball fun in at this jungle of the Monkey Crater!Monkey Ruins,Tuma Grandus10702390-4783,-819,6000092
Tuma TowerHome of The Stray KatzArtistic Retreat & Home of The Monkey Crater People & Stray KatzMonkey Ruins,Tuma Tower10705316-4109,177,6000097
Upper Tiki ValleyUpper Tiki ValleyTrack: TwisterTabu,Upper Tiki Valley107050444285,11,6000164
Venue VashHost an Event!Illuminate the stage with trivia time in Tyr.Tyr,Venue Vash10711180-230075,51209,5995780
VerandaHost an Event!FOR SALE! IM or Theremail me!Cangrejo, Central,Veranda10714384-10419,10948,6000145
Vine TerraceHost an Event!Home of The KS Buggy BashersCangrejo, North,Vine Terrace10714574-14883,16622,6000207
WindsweptHost an Event!*~Come play Card Games~* **Happy new year **Cangrejo, North,Windswept10714994-15675,12951,6000285
Windward ValleyWindward RacewayTodays Track: Perfect Combination BIKEZ ONLY PLEAZEMaidenflight,Windward Valley107003546074,-5529,6000019
Yellow BowlHost an Event!Board riders, book your next event at the Yellow Bowl.Hoverboard Park,Yellow Bowl107052322225,-212,6000183